Software "creates" unwanted silences on audio track

Hi Team,
I have been encountering a problem recently which keeps repeating for no good reason and is slowing me down massively. For lack of better words I will try to describe what`s happening:

I upload the M4A or MP4 file I receive from my client (recorded in Zoom) into WavelabCast, using a Podcast Audiomontage Template: Host+Music & SoundFX44.1
This is not different to what I have done ever since I have started using the software several months ago - btw I am using the original - not 2.0
When I upload the file, the system asks me if I want to create and use a resampled copy as the original turns up in 32 000Hz and my template is 44 100 Hz - so I say yes.
I put my intro and outro on separate tracks and off we go…at least up until recently.
Now quite often I encounter half-way through cutting an episode that all of a sudden there is silence on the voice track. Several seconds and then it starts up again. If I listen to the original its fine - no problem. So I have rendered the bit that is ok to not lose it and start the next bit by uploading the file again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn`t. Essentially I am patching things together and it is very time consuming when it happens.
Also today I managed to get through the second half of the episode after I uploaded it again. Did all the cutting no problem, but then after I rendered it into a Wav or MP3 again - silences - which weren’t there while cutting, but now that it was all done they are also silent patches in the Monatge.
To make it even more confusion: In the Audio Montage I can see waves despite the silence, but sometimes it is a flat line. Cannot create a peak file, when I upload the rendered file.
I have no idea what is going on. I have been wondering if my client does anything different, but like I said, it is all there on the original tracks.
Is the software going “faulty” on me, because I am using an old version?
I hope someone might have an answer as it is doing my head in and I really have to get some work done before the weekend.


Not sure about where your problem can be.
But to start from a clean situation, start to open the m4a file in WaveLab, as a standalone file and not in a montage. Then save this file to a new standard 44100 file.
Check if this file has no gape, no silence sections.
Then use it to insert it in a montage.
Is there still a problem?

Thank you - so far so good. Maybe the software didn`t like me not shutting down the Laptop properly for a couple of days - just in standby.
The Software itself was turned off, but who know.

Would you mind me asking you another thing, since you seem to know a lot :slight_smile:
Is WavelabCast in any way “online” or is it purely on my machine.
I am asking because of Data-Protection which is very strict in the EU and I need to figure out if I need to take any further steps to be compliant.
I obviously do not enter client data anywhere, but the content of each episode and the voices are personal data so I have been wondering.

It is purely on your machine. No connection to the internet unless you want to explicitly upload eg. some audio to SoundCloud.


Thank you :slight_smile:
Is Soundcloud a different Steinberg application?
Thanks J.

No, it is not. I would describe it as a service for hosting and streaming of music or audio content in general, see About Soundcloud.

Thanks :slight_smile: