Software does not work, removed the old license also

I am user of Cubase LE 9.5 which I got with the purchase of Yamaha Mixer MG 10XU.
Though my license was showing v10 , I did not upgrade. When I saw the upgrade offer, I paid money for upgrade to Cubase Pro 11.
I downloaded and installed the software and tried to use the code supplied to me. Surprisingly it did not work. When I contacted service, after revolving thro’ sooo many times thro’ many pages , somebody said this is a wrong sell and Cubase LE 9.5 can not be upgraded to Cubase Artist 11. and I will be refunded my money.
Then why this was not informed to me earlier?
Secondly the upgrade I opted was Cubase Pro 11 and not Artist.
Now I did not get my refund .
I uninstalled the Cubase 11 software where something went wrong and my Cubase LE 9.5 license disappeared and now it does not run.
The support never tells how to get it back though it is registered with Steinberg.
This is criminal behavior from such a reputed company.
I need my Cubase LE 9.5 license back along with refund of upgrade which never happened.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. However this is a Users Forum so folks here can’t help you resolve this. You need to work with the folks at the online store. Good luck.

FYI Steinberg has been having a problem with the servers that manage authorizations, which might (or might not) also be impacting your situation.

Thanks Raino for your reply.

It was not known to me that this is only users’ forum but anyway hopefully I can get some guidance for usage from the veterans here.

BTW can you suggest the path to resolve my problem like whom to approach!

The website keeps me revolving in multiple pages and no solution is provided.


It can be confusing because the online store is actually run by another company Asknet, and has it’s own help.