Software ELicencer

Do I need the actual USB Dongle, if my computer /s are registered already with the Software Elicencer?
I want to buy C11 but as I dont have the USB Dongle itself, and really dont wish to wait, if its the download version Im buying directly from Steinberg (no music shops are open during this COVID lockdown period, 5th time now) Then Im wondering whether the already Steinberg reg Elicencer in place for my UR28M and software, will do the same?

If you want Cubase pro (or Artist) then you need the usb dongle. There is no software licence for those. You don’t need a music shop (all open in the UK) you just order online and it will be posted.

You need to purchase a dongle from cubase or sweetwater. In the good ol days they sent the dongle w/ dvd and hardcopy manual.