software for iPad

Isn’t there a software I can use to run Nuendo on an iPad?

If so, what s the name?

the best i’ve found that’s even free is Avid’s PT|Control. You install a helper app, and the app on iPad and then you can configure quite a lot of things.

So you like it better than IC Pro?

The most important task for me would be to go in to another room and record, either myself or another musician.

I believe IC Pro is not free and I think I also read some negative comments about it. Of course, you can find a lot of negative comments about PT Control, too :wink:

Customizing PT Control is a little cumbersome. But as I said, it’s free and you can do a lot of stuff with it from the iPad. And recording from another room is no problem at all, if you have a solid wifi connection. But that’s true for all remotes.

PT Control is really powerful and I think you’ll be happy with it. You don’t have a project overview though with the timeline and clips. And I’m not sure how well it works with Nuendo, given that it’s specifically for Cubase and some things are implemented in a different way as we learned, VCA for example working differently in Cubase and Nuendo. SO I don’t know about compatibility. Anyone knows more?

i had no success in trying to get PT-control to run with nuendo.

the solution i like the most for now: lemur - there’s a very usable template for cubase via mackie-control (called “mackie for cubase”) on the lemur-user-site, which works fine with nuendo.
much more responsive and smoother than cubase IC pro (even if i like the key-commands part of it a lot - the rest is too slow and too hard to grip).
really nice about lemur also are the physical parameters which may be mapped to most objects.

interesting: it seems that i can use both at the same time - lemur for the mixer/transport, IC for the key-commands…


AFAIK the AVID solution is the only touch sensitive solution.

…brought it to run btw.

Thanks everyone, for your input. I downloaded both PT Control and IC Pro.

I couldn’t get PT Control to work and with IC Pro I found a protocol for the order in opening the two programs (IC Pro and Nuendo) which seems to be working for not losing sync.

Since it’s just going to be exclusively for recording piano remotely, because the marker navigation is fairly easy and, most importantly because it’s working I think I’m just going to stick with IC Pro.

For PT Control to work you need to make sure 3 things are correct:

  1. have the PT Control app running on your iPad
  2. have the EuControl helper app running in Win or Mac
  3. this step I’ve forgotten. benoit, what did you have to do to get it to work? I think you need to somehow enable EuCon protocol in Nuendo to make it all connect. i just remember that i had problems getting it to run, too, in the beginning, but after clicking around and enabling stuff it then worked eventually.

…the same way you did it:
_ install/authorize PT control on your iPad
_ install & configure EuControl (you’ll need an avid-account to get it)
_ add EuCon in nuendo’s controllers’ panel.

ironically, PT-c runs much smoother with nuendo than steinberg’s own baby (at least on my system)…


Ah, add EuCon in the controller’s panel :wink:

I haven’t tried IC Pro, but PT Control runs very smoothly here too!