Software Stereo-to-Mono

My interface (UR28M) doesn’t have a mono switch when using headphones, so I’ve been putting a Cubase “Stereo Enhancer” in the master bus, with “Mono” clicked on in it.

I have it bypassed for stereo listening, and un-bypass it when I want to hear mono.

Does that seem reasonable, anyone have a better way to do it?

Thanks much -

If you use control room then there’s a mono button you can just click on its main panel as well as all kinds of other useful functions.

Thanks, matjones, a much nicer solution!

no worries :slight_smile:

I still think control room is one of the most useful but least used features in cubase… it’s not as scary as it might first seem and it’s INCREDIBLY useful!

I love my UR28M, but I’ve gotten so used to (and happy with) its hardware mono button that its lack of effect on the headphones is acutely noticed!

Yeah, I love the control room, the Listen button is to die for, and setting levels using its EBU-compliant output monitoring is great also. Your post tells me I need to poke around in it again (it’s been a while) and see what else I may have forgotten about it!

Control Room is fantastic in its implementation (though I still have opinions about the UI).

If you open up your key commands and go to “Control Room” you’ll see “downmix presets”. So you can set up your downmix preset (to mono) and assign a key command to it. Very useful.

Ah yes, the old key command! I seem to never be able to remember to think of setting those up without prompting. Thanks!

Another solution, use of the native mono-to-stereo plugin, set to mono output… I use it to make bass and kick mono, but it can also be used on the master bus to listen to the whole mix in mono… especially if you do not have CB Pro with the control room…

Off-topic, but I love being able to setup separate mixes for the monitors and the cans and then being able to switch between them via the Power button on each mix in the Control Room GUI. Much faster than diddling with knobs on my audio interface.


I have my Adams as my main monitors, a pair of tannoys as a second and a single avantone cube for mono and all switchable with a mouse click… very elegant :smiley: