Software updates and announcements Is Something I Really Miss on SB website

NOTE: This posting was intended to address an issue I have had with the Steinberg website. Sadly, there was no topic available to place it in, so it ended up here.

I remember the “good old days” (?) of the Steinberg website, where the Home Page contained a column (usually on the top right-hand side) that informed us of any updates to software and/or firmware.
Yes, I’m fully aware that I can download and install updates using the Steinberg Download Assistant, which is great; however, I cannot download something I’m not aware of, and there have been instances where I won’t know of any improvements until someone posts a comment in the Forum.
Instead, going to the Steinberg homepage now hits your screen with a huge photo collage which seems to be great for advertising purposes. There is plenty of space at the top of the page where update/upgrade announcements could be posted (preferably at the top of the webpage).
You guys want to advertise? Great! I’ve been using various incarnations of Cubase/WaveLab since 1999, and getting the word out is perfectly fine. But it wouldn’t hurt to include a small column at the top of the home page would be helpful to alert us not only about improvements and/or new product announcements.
For example, had I not received an email with more recent topics in the Forum, I would never have known about the Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update. This seems to be the case with all updates, which is annoying as well as frustrating.
There has to be a better way, and my suggestion to advise us of a new product or update would go a long way to keep us informed.
I guess the only way I’m going to know if this proposed change is ever adopted will be when I open the Steinberg homepage in the future and see that “Announcements” block jumping right out at me.

Now comes the time when I hide, wait and watch . . .

If you can use RSS feeds, you can add this to get announcements:

I use it with the newsfeeds feature of Thunderbird, and I find it works quite well.
You should also check that you’re subscribed to update emails in My Steinberg.