Solid State Drives ( SSD )


I have been running a DAW now with an OCZ Agility 3 128Gb SSD, and overall, I am very pleased with its performance. It’s a superb step-up from a standard HD being very quick and responsive. HALion samples, for example, load-up much, much more quickly than with an old 7200 drive.

However, I have a query or five!

  1. Is there any benefit in having Cubase/HALion/VSTi’s on a different SSD to the OS?
  2. Does anyone have experience of the Agility 4? Would that be best for my OS, and have my DAW on my Agility 3?
  3. …Or, Agility 3 for the OS, and Cubase/HALion etc on the Agility 4…
  4. Does anyone have real experience with the OCZ Vertex 4 or Vector Series? Are these really that much more noticably quicker than my Agility 3 in real-world situations?
  5. Anyone got two SSDs in a RAID set-up for their OS for supreme performance?

Look forward to any constructive replies!

All the best,


Hi Neil ,

I wish I could contribute to your question. I believe 1 year ago when i did this, the issues with ssd raid configurations had to do with ACHI and trim. Subsequently, I simply installed the second SSD as a separate drive . I have read several of your posts and would like to ask if you have experienced any accumulations of other data taking up space on your SSD OS . I run a 64gb SSD for win 7 and another 64 gb SSD for Cubase 7. Running day to day I am getting notices now from the OS about my c:/ not having much more space available.

I am meticulous about keep anything from updating or writing to my c:/ but in the last 6 months or so it went from 20 gb free space to 1gb. It just seems that whenever some updates run they just take the space . I look for other options to assign other locations for these installs but regardless … It’s gotten very full

I am at the point of re- formatting just to try it again and see if I can’t keep it freed up. Any thoughts.

Hi knuckle47,

Interesting post for me to read.
I had my current SSD in an old machine, and with W7, Cubase and HALion, plus a few other programs, I had around 67Gb of free space.
I then built a new PC, and used the same SSD, and after formatting it (was that a mistake - not sure!?!), re-installing W7, Cubase etc, I now have only 61Gb free space. In fact, I haven’t even installed some VSTi’s and other programs, so I reckon I would be down about 58Gb free space compared to my old machine. So basically, I seem to have lost 10Gb somewhere.

I use East Tec Eraser and System Mechanic to keep things tidy, and the East Tec Eraser can clean the free space and file-slack, so I have noticed a build-up of files reducing my free-space like you have seen.

I did read that when re-installing Windows you should never do a FULL format, only a quick-format. Not sure why. I would try a free downloadable program such as CCleaner to see if it can clean up your problem files that seem to be taking up so much space. I’ve used it a lot too, but just stick to East Tec Eraser at the moment.



Hi Neil,

Thanks for the suggestion…ran Ccleaner a few minutes ago and recovered over 8gb on the SSD OS drive. That overhead gets me back to updating a few files that …even though they are indicating an install or update on the 2TB drive D, failed to do so because of only 70mb free earlier on C:

Now IF, I can only keep it clear… AL


I’m glad that CCleaner seemed to have helped.
Can I also recommend you investigate how the TRIM function for your SSD operates. TRIM tidies-up and deletes files to keep everything working sweetly. Sometimes, you have to log-off from Windows itself, and leave your PC at the log-in screen for it to operate. Other controllers/drives use a wiper.exe program for it to work.
Check out some forums for TRIM and garbage collection for your specific SSD.