solid state drives

hey guys i was looking to purchase a pair of ssd, one strictly for program files and the other for my large sample drive. Has anyone had any experiece with these yet? does cubase load up much faster/ load vsts faster/ samples load faster etc than regular hdds?

I can absolutely recommend it!
Cubase just loads significantly faster than with an ordinary HD. Apart from that a SSD is a lot quieter.
In the beginning it took some getting used to the missing rattling noise when a large amount of data is loaded :slight_smile:
Regarding reliabilty I have no complains at all so far.
The only thing disturbing about these drives is the enormous price. I paid 155 € for 80 GB.

Best wishes


Mine was a disaster, and I got rid of it. It repeatedly dropped out in the middle of sessions, requiring a re-boot.


I suppose, you will have easily overcome that dissapointment.
I mean, with 48 GB of RAM youre not really in need for a hard drive :smiley: . Honestly I didnt even know that was possible! Your mainboard probably looks like a giant warehouse, huh?

Nah, I just have a usual sized rackmount case and a slightly cramped looking motherboard.

The drive was intended as an audio drive. Unfortunately I now have to mix streaming from 3 separate drives, which is somewhat inconvenient, but needs must.


Definitely can recommend! Been using SSD:s for last 18 months. Everything running smoothly. Noise reduced (got rid of a fan cooling my HD:s). Windows boots faster. Cubase loads faster. And for most of all: because of more reliable technology was brave enough to get rid of the RAID1 setup, which demanded rebuild at least once a month.

sweet, thanks for that guys. looks like i better start saving up.

I ran an OCZ Vertex 60 gig SSD in my machine (OS drive) for the last year and a half. Rock solid, no issues. Very fast boot and load times.

Just upgraded to an INtel X25 120 gig ssd. The changeover went fine and, so far, it’s running with no issues…just more space.