SOLO buttons not working


why are the midi SOLO buttons not working when I use different midi tracks for different instruments/patches with 1 instance of e.g. KONTAKT instance (multi-instrument ) in the VST INSTRUMENTS. I checked and each instrment/patch in KONTAKT has different midi channel assigned and the midi tracks in Cubase main window have also corresponding midi channels assigned so that they play correct insstruments/patches of KONTAKT but SOLO/MUTE does not work

if this setup is wrong, what are the options I have ?
I do not want to use VST INSTRUMETN TRACKS, just standard MIDI TRACKS and VST INSTRUMENT as this is less PCU consuming



Yes, you are right, unfortunately. I don’t know the reason. But my solution: use separately virtual outputs from Kontakt to the Cubase. Then, you can use Solo of audio track.

Is it clear, what I mean?

thanks for an idea. but do you mean audio tracks not midi tracks ?

I need to solo tracks when editing midi so not sure how audio tracks can help here when i have midi recorded data to edit on midi tracks and need to solo some of them for this- can you please explain the workflow you mean ?

Yes, I mean audio track.

In this case, you have one-by-one MIDI and audio track. It means, for any MIDI track, you have own audio track. So, if you solo the audio track, you here just the only one sound from the MIDI track.

thanks, do you mean i need to render/bounce/export each midi track into an audio track and then solo this audio track ?
if so this is very inconvenient and time consuming, or maybe i did not understand …
what for are solo buttons in cubase ? only for audio tracks ?

No, he’s giving you a workaround.

You would need to set multi output on in the instrument panel, you will then have a separate audio output for each instrument in Kontakt and can then use the solo for each instrument output channel.

No. If you are not using MIDI tracks, but you are using VST Instrument (Rack), you can set virtual outputs from the instruments. These outputs are displayed as audio tracks in the Cubase.

Add 2 or more instruments in the NI Kontakt. Set different Ouput for any instrument of the Kontakt. The Output, you can find above the Midi Ch, in the Kontakt (Screen_1). CLick on the St. 1, and choose “Create separate Master Output Channel” option. In the Mixer of Kontakt, there will be added one more channel (bus) with the instrument name (“Viollin E” in my case). Click to the 1|2 icon, which is virtual output of this Bus, and set Kt. aux 1 and Kt aux 2 (Screen_2). You will find, Viollin E has 3|4 output now, in the Kontakt Mixer (Screen_3).

In the Cubase, VST Instruments (Rack) window, click to the icon right next to “e” icon (this is like square, and arrow to the right side, from it). This is on Screen_4. Click on this icon, and choose Kt. aux 1 [Stereo]. As you can see, Cubase add one more track in to your VST Instruments folder and Kontakt 5 sub-folder. This track is named Kt. aux 1. You can change the name of the track, same as color, of course.

Now, the signal is routed from the MIDI track to the Kontakt. In the Kontakt, you can set, this instrument output is routed to this Kt. aux 1. You can continue same way with all other tracks. So, you will have 16 audio tracks for 16 MIDI tracks.

Now, if you press Solo of the Kt. aux 1 track in the Cubase, you can here just these tracks, which are routed from the Kontakt to this virtual output. I.e. only one track (Viollin Ensemble, in my case).

This settings has one more advantage. You can use any VST effect on any instrument. You can use different VST effects for Viollins, different for cellos, different for drums, etc. Same as you use Instrument tracks directly.

Is it clear, now?

And screen 4… :slight_smile:

thank you.

ok , is this so that this workaround creates 1 audio track for each 1 midi track so you end up having twice as many tracks ?
and you use midi tracks for editing midi in the key editor but rather then using their solo buttons you use solo buttons of the corresponding audio tracks of these midi tracks ? so in other words you need a midi track and an audio track for each patch (say Violin) to be able to edit midi data in the key editor and solo this in audio track ?

Yes, yes, and yes. :slight_smile: