Solo Defeat Property

Hi, as the title and tags suggest, I wish that the soloDefeat property is exposed in the API.

We have

var channelBankItem = hostMixerBankZone.makeMixerBankChannel()


Wish we also have


NOT a big deal obviously, but can be a nice addition.

For now, as a workaround, I check all bank’s channels states (solo or mute) and if I have at least one channel in solo, I understand that if any other channel is not in solo or mute, is in soloDefeat. BUT, this can work only if at least one channel is in solo, otherwise, we cannot determine a defeat, because all channels have solo=mute=0.
The second workaround was to bind to the dedicated command (solo defeat) and alter my states accordingly. However, this cannot work if a user triggers a solo defeat on screen (i.e. not by using the controller).