Solo Defeat????. where?

Ok…FINALLY , after a 5 month hiatus from even thinking about an update to C7 I succumbed.

…to the massacred gui belonging to the Daw, that used to be called Cubase…

some of the simplest operations like Solo Defeat, have magically disappeared from the normal workflow.

Anyone have a clue as to what are the current keystrokes for Solo Defeat.

I have tried CTRL/ALT/SHIFT click…NONE work.

Ok where is it hiding troops?.

Im currently holding back my opinion about C7, until a later post, but like many of us. So many things have changed that its not funny in the slightest. :laughing:

Use the mix console…

Only in the mix console or Channel settings window either Alt click on Solo or click and hold the solo button. The button will show “D”

Before you complain that it should also be available from the Project arrange window and the Inspector, you need to remember that Cubase 7 is currently undergoing a major redesign and the new arranger was not available for release in phase 1 (7.00) - but it is planned.

So what…? Then it should not have been released.
The feature was also there before in the not redesigned project window in earlier versions…

I need to remember???..

How in gods earth could I possibly FORGET the Major revison to an already flawed design process. TOO long a user to start having to watch tutorials or read fucking manuals about basic functions that the DEvs deemed NOT to be important.

Being able (FROM) the arrange page to decide whether I want to hear reverb with a part or not, is basics, SIMPLE basics. The concensus since I STOPPED contributing to the forum, seems to be that the majority are UNHAPPY, I am simply one of those. Steinberg has taken the DAW along the wrong route. If I wanted poxy Protool features like messy tabs, IF I wanted a MIXER that looks completely MICKEY MOUSE, in every way, IF I wanted basic features to be implemented then 2/3 updates later, TAKEN away, I would simply be in complete awe of this incarnation, as it is, it seems to be a clusterfuck of half thought out ideas, and GUI mistakes.

C7 is a clusterfunk. No end to funkups. :unamused:
It took me some time to find Solo Defeat too. In mixer you have to click and hold, completely new gesture, probably transit towards touch screens… Its just strange why it is not available in inspector anymore.

Control + Alt will do


Yeah, caught me out too - particularly as the tooltip is now wrong - should read CTRL+ATL click for solo defeat.

Worrying tendency towards two things:

  1. People on here defending Steinberg for their errors - when they screw up and people complain, there are way too many fanboys who say “be grateful for what you have” or similar. One of the reasons I find myself coming here less and less often, despite using Cubase all day every day and noticing lots of things that need to be fixed or improved, IMO.

  2. Move towards touchscreen-type controls. This would be a massive error, IMO, but it seems I’m nearly alone in this, everyone seems to think touchscreens are the only way forward. I think that’s fine if you’re doing a certain kind of work, but it’s no replacement for a keyboard and mouse, particularly if you need to be accurate.


  1. I don’t care and I do not argue with these people.

  2. You’re not alone and all compos people at this forum think the way you do.

Hmm. I wonder if anybody form Steinberg reads these posts. Maybe they are taking a spring vacation now, financed by revenue from the Cubase 7 upgrade.
My perspective on this upgrade is that Cubase may be going the Microsoft [senior management] route:
Initial stages: Make a great product that is really useful and cool.

1.Release ‘new versions’ which are really ‘beta’ versions.
2. As complaints come in prioritise the fixes to complaints which could potentially cost the company sales.
3. Ignore the rest.
4. Withdraw support for the older versions forcing users to ‘upgrade’.
5. Contract r&d out to third-party providers
6. Withdraw documentation
7. Refer ‘support’ to third party providers.
8. Hide company details, telephone numbers etc.
9. Steps 1-8 above take about 10-15 years, enough to draw high-salaries and save for retirement.

Walk away and sell the company to the Chinese or just it run into the ground.
10. Retire and have fun!
Who said musicians are cynical? :smiley:

I read the post somewhere that opening the track size more allowd ctrl/alt click to make solo defeat work.

But what I don’t get is that I can solo defeat a group channel, but… none of the audio tracks assigned to the group follow. Which means why would you even be able to solo defeat a group in the first place?

Must be another glitch. Also, I can’t get a folder to solo defeat at all. Idea being to solo defeat a bunch of tracks quickly.

Hopefully the next update will address some more of the essentials.

Wow! I can hardly wait. :smiley: [Please note this is intended as irony.]

De feet de always so lo at bottom of legs.