Solo doesn't include automated fx?

I’m working on a project in Artist 6 and have several fx sends that I’ve automated by switching on and off in write mode, the problem is when I solo a track the fx sends don’t solo with it, is there a way round this or should I have just automated the send level instead of activating & deactivating the send fx?
Many Thanks


Hey thanks, I’ll go through and cancel the on/off automation and add level rides, I’m considering the upgrade to the full version 6, I used to use the offline editing in SX quite a bit plus the extra track count, live drum quantise etc, the one thing I haven’t seen much feedback on is the Control Room section especially the Listen control, anyone using this and couldn’t live without it?

I am and I love the listen feature. It’s so much more fexible than solo.

You can place a track in listen mode and then control the level of all other the track levels via the control mixer. So very easily you can go from complete solo to fading in the rest of the mix to a comfortable level where the track you’re working on is still louder than the rest, but you can hear hear it in context. Not sure if I’m explaining this very well but tasks like adding EQ are made much easier.

Also Listen mode works correctly when “soloing” fx tracks or sidechained tracks. That is, you can listen to the fx track without hearing its send source, or hear a pumping bass line without the kick which triggers it being soloed.

Again not sure if I’m explaining well but I totally prefer using listen over solo. I’ve made a key command for it and it just seems more intuative to me.

I always make sure that all my fx tracks are Solo Defeated (Alt-Solo) as soloing a track doesn’t pick up all the fx sends if there’s a couple of groups up the chain. I imagine that would solve your automation issue too.

I’m sure Kev’s solution works fine or he wouldn’t be using it but I thought I’d offer you an alternative as it’s a different approach.

Hey Crotchety
Thanks for that, solo defeating the fx solved all my problems, I guess it’s a classic case of RTFM :slight_smile:
Kev, the listen function sounds very useful I think it could be the final feature that pushes me to upgrade.
Thanks again guys

Nope, not this time. The manual does indeed talk about Solo Defeat but not about using it for this, someone here had to tell me, I was in in your shoes.