Hello all,

Needing some help setting up a key command:

Im trying to solo and loop a selected event, here’s my macro:

Solo Event

  • Edit- Select Event
    -Transport- Solo
    -Transport - Locators to Selection
    -Transport - Loop selection

This seems to do the trick, but it’ll only work if the track is selected too. So i must be missing a command… cant find it anywhere.

Is there a selection for toggling the track that the event is on?

I think this could make for a time saving macro if i could get it to work properly.

Thanks for any help or advice!!

Do you have the Preference selected for “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” ? If this was on, then when you select the event, it will select that events track. I hope this helps.

Thank you thank you thank you

This works perfect now! :smiley: