Solo EWI instrument in the score

If I want to put a EWI (electric wind instrument) in the score, the nearest I can see that fits the bill is a sampler. However, there is no way of changing the text ‘Sampler’ next to the stave. Is there a means of adding instruments, in this case the EWI, or, is there a way of suggesting that this is included in the next update.


You can rename any instrument in Setup mode.

Click the 3dots shown to open the sub-menu, and select Edit names… to show the dialog

I see that, but the name doesn’t change in the score. I used a Sampler instrument and renamed it to a EWI. The score still states ‘Sampler’.

Well you must be doing something wrong!
I’ve just changed my synth to …
using this method.

Be sure to change the Instrument name rather than the Player name (Unless you have asked Dorico to use the Player name instead in Layout Options).

I can see now where I have gone wrong. Thank you Derrek.