Solo function for inserts / Plugin comparator

I’ll explain this idea with an example. Let’s say we want to test several different compressors for a track (as consecutive inserts). Right now, to achieve this we have to manually enable one of the insert slots, disable all the others, and repeat the process again and again until arriving to conclusions. Lots of mouse clicks. Moreover, as we’re disabling the plugins, the audio engine interrupts everytime during miliseconds to update the changes. All these caveats make the process not exactly intuitive.

What I suggest here is adding Solo/Mute functionality to the insert slots, so it could work in a similar way to tracks: once the Solo is engaged for a plugin, we could click over the insert slots to hear an specific plugin in action and then, with just a single click, change to another slot to listening to that other one, and so on.

Even more neat would be implementing also some kind of automatic comparator between plugins, so it could be possible, for example, to program the Solo to automatically move from one insert to the next one after an specific period of time (in seconds, user definable), like some kind of time-driven round robin for the insert slots. This way we could easily compare between different plugins without even having to use the mouse, just listening to what they are doing to our track.