solo in editor window

Is this a bug or feature? Every time I open the audio editor window, I have to reclick the solo button. I want it to stay in solomode, but in 8.0.5 it goes automaticly back to unchecked. In all previous cubase versions the editor window would remember my settings when I opened the editor.

Second, I havent found it, is there a KC for analyzing in variaudio?


That is odd. There might be a pref for this, but I can’t see it (the prefs are so hard to find things in!)

Second, I havent found it, is there a KC for analyzing in variaudio?

There is a KC for “Reanalyze Audio” that only works in the Key Editor. I made a macro to select all on track>open key editor>reanalyze audio. That’s as close as we get now. The problem with this is, though, that it will re-re-reanalyze audio if different clips use the same underlying WAV file. So it’s best used on a track that has been bounced or has few parts.

I’d LOVE a proper KC that works in Project Arranger!

I see, so its an isolated issue on my computer. No big deal, just an extra click everytime i want to edit…!

I’m not so sure… I couldn’t see a pref for it—though I thought there was one. So far as I noticed, C8 was remembering the solo setting across Key Editor windows.

FWIW I just tap “S” to solo on/off…easier than dragging the mouse around.

Yeah. It’s the civilised way. :wink:


indeed we changed the behavior in Cubase Pro 8 on purpose, but it will be back on 8.0.10 by popular demand.

All the best

Hooray; roll on 8.0.10 this has been irritating me!

Hi Luis,


Solo in the Key Editor has been bugged for the entire product cycle of C7.

I could understand (C7) if there was a new feature but nothing it seems in C8.

Is this situation adequately addressed?

Hi sycophant,

could you please elaborate?



The behavior for soloing a part in a multi-part key edit window means that tracks with a drum map attached (but not opened in the multi-part key edit window) must be muted otherwise Edit Active Part cannot be selected.

Maybe someone else can explain better but it was different in c6.