Solo in Key Editor not working

I use my key editor to edit my midi, and flip the solo button on to make sure that I get to hear the part, with Click…so that I can check say…Strings against the click or a Horn part. When you have a string section with Multiple parts for each instruments, You used to be able to highlight the midi, open the key editor and press SOLO…and you only heard the midi. Now it is still playing everything and no matter what I do, I can’t find a preference or anything that will allow me to stop this.
I’ve been using Nuendo for 12 years and never had issues like this before…
Any ideas??? It would be welcomed. I have 8, but after the Arturia Issues, which I"ve tried to correct by buying the latest V6, it is still a no go area for me. Frustrating to say the least…any help guys would be welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

What issues are there with Arturia plugins?

Hi Chris,
Basically…THe blacklist put a whole bunch of plugins on it. Everything Arturia V5, so I was told to download the updates…but there were none. So I went ahead and bought V6, Installed…and the same issue…but there are so many plugins that are current on the blacklist. Obviously nothing 32bit will work, but having updated everything to the recent…there’s a blacklist as long as both my arms put together and somehow, this SOLO in Key Editor is really doing my head in now. I use the key editor to edit all my midi stuff, whilst in Solo before I introduce it back to the Track.
What I don’t understand is WHY! Why is it happening and is it a bug in Nuendo because it clearly states that in SOLO MODE within the Key Editor, you only hear the midi.

Not Correct, So I’m hoping someone will point me to the correct preference( if such exists). I don’t want a work around. I want it fixed. You could do it in 5.5…6 6.5, but why now?

If it’s a beautiful painting with great colours, Why decided to paint it with Dulux paint? Beats me…
5.5 worked great for me.