Solo Listen problem


Apparently the solo function in the sample editor does not work correctly when you are editing an audio segment of a container.

1/ In a song, create a container with two audio segment.
2/ Double clik on the container
3/ double click on the first segment in order to edit it
4/ press play, Ok everything fine your hear the segment and the rest of the song
5/ now click on the “solo” button in the sample editor of the first segment, press play, noting get out whereas we should hear only the audio segment.

I’ve noticed, that if the segment is not in a container, the solo function is working well…

Do you reproduce the same behaviour ?

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That’s because you haven’t set Main Mix Out or Monitor Bus, depending whether Control Room is used. There’s a Knowledge Base article that explains further.


My Main mix is set, and the control room too.
As I said, I can hear in solo on ly if the audio segment is not part of a container.

If you use Control Room you should dis-able the Main Outs in VST Connections. Will the track solo in the project window?

There’s a setting somewhere that make the Phones bus the preview bus in CR, check to see if that’s enabled.

No Phones bus preview.
No output set to main mix.
Output set to control room.

Again, the solo function does not work in the sample editor when the audio segment is part of a container.

I just tried this & this is the behaviour I get.

Inside an event directly placed on the project window.
With solo editor engaged hitting play plays back the soloed audio.

Inside the same event after using “events to part”
With solo editor engaged no audio is played when hitting play.
The audition button does play the soloed audio.

Without checking the manual I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour…I actually gave up on using parts a few years back as they just seemed to add an unnecessary layer.

Thanks a lot Grim having taken few minutes to reproduce it.
I think too it is not an intended behaviour.