Solo midi event

Hi, I’m new here Hope I find all the support from you

I start using . I have a question in midi editor, Can we select one midi
event and solo it ? so other note well be muted?

Select the note that you want to solo and Alt+Right Click.
Pick Select -> Invert.

(Alternatively, you can select all notes with Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+Left Click to deselect the note that you want the solo.)

Now press Shift+M or Alt+M to mute the other notes. Shift+U or Alt+M again to unmute them.

God dammm now that is dump steinberg come on !!!

Are you serious? How often to you have to solo a SINGLE note for that to warrant an extra menu entry?

A lot, Not a single note. e.g more then one at the same time. There no need to invert and mute etch time

Then just select and mute the notes that you don’t want to hear. It’s the same thing.

You can also just make a macro using the key commands I listed above to emulate a solo with a single click.

Am I just missing something here or are you asking about another DAW that is not made by Steinberg?

It’s long story. But I use three daw

So, are your original question about Cubase or Reaper?