Solo - modes and remote control

Hi there,
On a recent project I am working on I need to find a way to remote control exclusive solos. As this is presently done with keyboard CMD/CTRL click on the mixer, there doesn’t seem to be a way to trigger this remotely over Midi (eg with a Stream Deck). Ive looked at macros too - this can remove the solos but can’t seem to solo a certain track.
Would it be an idea to have a solo mode on the mixer? One could then select standard, exclusive (X-OR), momentary or even PFL. Then any external trigger (midi, controller) could then work according to the current mixer solo mode.

Whilst on solo - I’ve always dreamt of a solo focus mode - which reduces all other audio by a preset amount. This would allow you to still here other elements but reduced in level.



If you’re always soloing the same source you could make it a source in Control Room and then use a keyboard to trigger that. It wouldn’t literally be soloing tracks in the mixer but it would isolate what you hear in the monitoring path.

This is the “listen” function, no?