solo / mute issue on group and folder tracks

I have some weird solo/mute behavior and I am not sure if it is by design, because nobody seems to complain about that.
I have a project with some tracks in it. Group Track1 is muted, group track2 is not.
I click “solo” on group track2, I hear group track2. Now I want to hear group track1 and group track2 at the same time so I hit “solo” on group track1 too. I still can only hear group track2.
It seems if you have hit “mute” on a group track before it stays on “mute” even if “solo” is activated in this case. Wouldn’t it make more sense to overwrite “mute” by clicking on “solo”?


Did you pick Mute button by yourself?

Are you talking about an Audio tracks or Instrument tracks? If you are talking about Instrument tracks, did you click in the Project window or in the MixConsole, please?

Hey Martin, yes I picked it by myself. Audio Tracks and Instrument Tracks work fine. But folder and group tracks not.
Try to create 2 audio tracks and 2 group tracks. Route Audiotrack1 to group1 and audiotrack2 to group2.
Now mute group1 and solo group2. You hear group2.
If you solo group1 too you still only hear group2.
Same happens with folder tracks

I checked today if it is the same in 9.5 and it is. Thats a really annoying and time-consuming thing!


Hi Tj,
You’re right. It seems inconsistent to me too that the solo button on a group track does not overwrite “mute”, as for a simple audio track.
But it has always been like that… I can’t say if it’s by design.

So I guess its time for Steinberg to adress this basic issue and fix it :unamused: