Solo one track - while others play half the sound ?


NOW : SOLO one track (and have the other tracks not playing).

It is possible to :

SOLO a track, and have all the others playing at half the volume ? (or all other tracks playing at any filled in amount of dB reduction ?)




No, unfortunately this is not possible to set something like ‘Focus Dim’. But it’s a nice feature request. Of course at the end it’s not so simple, you would need to take an automation in account and VCAs.

You can do that with the “Listen” function.

How does that work ? Listen ?
THX i will look it up…
I do not think this is what i wanted.

It would be intresting, to have that HALF Solo button…

The Listen function does exactly that if you set it up that way.
Docs are your friend


I am gonna try it.
But i do not need a Control Room Sound.
Still i am gonna look into it.

Hi, Hippo is perfectly right - regarding the solution and regarding the docs ;o)

YOu should definitely use the control room, it does what you need in all respects and decouples your listening environment and setup from your record production. There is absolutely no reasonable argument NOT to use control room.

Thank you. I will work with the controm room. As i never did before. Specially when these options are inside.