Solo options (Latch, X-OR, Momentary)

Hopefully, users here don’t feel like I’m spamming the forum, but here’s another one.

Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to set up a key command for anything other than a ‘latch based’ solo. Meaning, if I hit the key command to solo a track, and then decide to solo another track, that now BOTH tracks are solo’d. This is great when wanting a ‘latch’ based system.

I’ve found that by ‘command-clicking’ the solo button on a track that I can get an ‘X-OR’ solo. Meaning if I solo a track, and then hold ‘command’ while clicking the solo button on another track, that will un-solo the first track, and now only the second track is solo’d. This is great…, except we need a key command for this function. Or better yet, a preference switch so that we don’t need to memorize more than one solo command.

It would also be great to get a ‘momentary’ solo option, so the track only stays solo’d as long as I’ve got the key command held down.

My suggestion is to create a solo preference with three options. Latch, X-OR, Momentary.

+1 for the “solo exclusive” KC/preference, I hate having to grab mouse and keyboard to do so !


there are some settings for solo in preferences under project and mix,solo behaves differently when selecting track(s )

+1 !