Solo Player or Section Player

The same instrument picker opens for this selection. For SoloVioline the Noteperformer selects the right sound, for Tutti Violin it also selects the right sound. Why do I have the same solo instruments for the Section Players. Actually only strings or choir are such ? If I choose solo violin, solo violin should also appear in the layout name of the score or vice versa. Then the instrument change would be similarly faster as with the solo players, wouldn’t it?
In both selection lists many instruments appear twice ?? (German designation).


Are the instruments in a string quartet labeled “solo violin”, “solo viola” and “solo cello”?

To Rob’s point, I’m thankful they aren’t. If you want them labeled as “solo,” edit names and set as default.

As to the duplicated (and triplicated) names in the instrument picker, this is because in some languages there are different terms for the same instrument, but the German translator has translated them to just one German term. For instance, in English scores it may be appropriate to use Double Bass, Contrabass or String Bass (or is it Upright Bass?). The German translator has translated each of these as Kontrabass.

If you look at the list of Noteperformer instruments. you’ll see that only Strings and Choirs are separated out into soloists and ensembles. However, custom section building occurs in other orchestral groups. At the moment the manual is saying it’s only for Sibelius and Finale.

Thank you for your replies, but I just can’t follow the logic - alto flute as solo player or as section player. Why do both have different labels…but I think I can live with that. And violin(without solo) and violins, only the plural is the difference here ???
Sorry for the little things.
Solo oder Section.JPG

Don’t look for logic here; the plurals are incomplete functionality. They’ve been there since Dorico 1 but they’ve never worked.