Solo safe bug

Sometimes when I click the Solo button it becomes a D (solo defeat) and also the Mute button acts weirdly becoming Mute defeat, as if I had the Shift key pressed. I have to restart the project to avoid the problem.
It happened in different projects and with different keyboards.
Does it happen to someone else?

I’m using Cubase 13.0.20 (Apple silicon version)
MacOs 13.6.3
MacBook Pro with M1 Pro

Yes - had this problem the other day and it was driving me mad!

Is it triggered particularly when using Export Audio?
I needed to bounce out stems, and so trying to solo different groups and folders to complete this was just frustrating beyond belief. It would take 5 - 10 different tries of engaging / disengaging solo / mute / master solo / master mute / solo defeat till it was finally back in order.

I’ll add, that it seems once the problem occurs, it isn’t fixed by opening and closing sessions - once I had it happen, it stayed like this in every session I opened till I finally quit Cubase.

Thank you @vinylizor, it’s good to know I’m not alone!
It may be related to Export Audio, I’ll make some more testing. Last time I tried closing the project was enough to temporarily solve the problem.

Let’s hope for a quick fix because as you said it’s really maddening