Solo select tracks by selecting parts

Hi there!

I’m searching for a way to set up a key command that allows me to solo select tracks by selecting parts. I don’t want to use the “Track selection follows Event selection” permanently, cause it really works against my workflow. I imagine just a little shortcut like pressing STRG + SHIFT + S, and all selected Parts can be played solo. What I tried so far:

  1. Setting up the Logical Editor: “Property is set - Event is selected” then “Track operation - Solo - Toggle”. That’s not working.

  2. So in the next step, I tried to set up a Macro that enables “Track selection follows Event selection”, then “Solo” and again disabling “Track selection follows Event selection”. Not working either. I think because it needs some selecting/deselecting after making this change.

Do you have any other ideas?


This doesn’t work, because you are referring to the selected MIDI Part, not the parent track. So in this case Cubase tries to Solo the MIDI Part, which is selected. Unfortunately there is no way, how to get the parent track of the MIDI Part in the Logical Editor.

Right, once you enable the “Track selection follows Event selection”, Cubase doesn’t trigger the action (so it doesn’t search for the already selected Parts/events to be able to select the tracks accordingly). Therefore this doesn’t work neither.

I’m not aware of a solution for you.