"solo selected track" doesn't work depending on window focus

Nuendo 5.5 32
OSX 10.6.8

“enable solo on selected track” preference does not work if mixer or project window is not currently in focus (in the foreground, or another way to say it is the window that is currently selected).


  1. set preference “enable solo on selected track”
  2. solo a track in the mixer window
  3. use keyboard arrows to move left and right
  • solo follows selected track
  1. select a track in project window
  2. use keyboard arrows to move up and down
  • solo follows selected track
  1. with mixer and project window visible, bring up channel edit window (“e” button) of currently selected tracks
  • with channel strip window in foreground use the arrow keys to select channels
    BUG - channels are selected but SOLO is NOT enabled!

    I would expect if “enable solo on selected track” is enabled that no matter how I select a track (control surface, keyboard, mouse, etc) that solo is actually enabled regardless of window focus. Very frustrating.