Solo / unsolo a track when working on its automation

I would like to be able to solo / unsolo a track (using a shortcut) when I am working on its automation lane, without having to click on the track itself.
Is it possible? It would accelerate the workflow quite a bit.

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Let’s say I am in the middle of drawing an automation, and I want to use my shortcut to solo it (or activate the listen mode). Why can’t I do that?

Maybe that’s because my track is not “active” when my automation is?
Any idea?


The Automation track is the selected one at the moment, not the (parent) Instrument track.

Yes and it’s the parent of the automation we’re working on so obviously if we hit solo we expect the thing we’re concentrating on to be soloed. Why not? :confused:
It really does slow me down very often. Especially on tracks that have a lot of automation lanes. I’d be reeeally zoomed into the automation lane while the parent track is above and off screen and hit S and nothing happens. Fine…I’ll click the solo button on the inspector on the left so I don’t lose my place and BAM, my view is then refocused to the parent track and now I’ve lost my place and my concentration.

Went to mess with it further and found that disabling “Scroll to selected track” fixes the focus problem I described above. Only thing is that I like scrolling to the selected track for other reasons. So the initial request would still be the most ideal. Which is to hit S as one would instinctively do and have the parent track of the automation be soloed.