soloing an audio channel and send #1

When I solo an audio channel I would like to also solo the corresponding fx channels that are activated by the sends from the particular audio channel that i am soloing.

This is not happening right now with send #1 and I’m hoping someone can tell me how to achieve the above.

Please post a project showing this issue. There are 3 solo modes in Nuendo - SIP, AFL, and PFL (AFL and PFL when using the Control Room). A good habit to get into is to solo-safe your effects channels (Alt + click on the solo button of the FX channels).

The behavior is not consistent. it feels a little random as to when it happens and with which fx channels, place in the send column, etc. so I’m not sure that posting it would be helpful. It seems that it may just be a small glitch in the program.

Solo issues are usually down to the user expecting something other than what they get as opposed to the program being broken. As the SIP functionality is “smart”, simply help Nuendo out by giving it as much information as you can (such as solo-safe effects returns).