Soloing an effects bus

I can’t get an effects bus to solo. All my other DAWs do this, but Nuendo solos the bus and the tracks feeding the bus. Is my only option to make the sends pre-fader and move my individual channel faders down? That would not be great.

What happens if you route all non-FX tracks through an additional group? Would that make the FX bus and source tracks all solo but mute the additional group?

Thank you for responding, Mattias. I’m not sure I understand how this would remedy it. I’ll goof with it and see. I’m not getting your logic, but I’m stupid this afternoon.

I don’t want the source tracks to be audible during the bus solo – just want to hear the effect output.


The logic was that if you solo the FX bus then everything that feeds that bus needs to still send signal. That includes the source audio tracks with the sends on them.

If you route the source audio tracks’ outputs (not sends) to a group, that group isn’t involved in sending signals to the FX bus, it just goes to the main output. So logically then the group should behave like anything else that is unrelated - i.e. mute.

That’s what I was thinking.

Maybe Listen-mode (L by default) can help if you want to listen to your FX-return and if you don’t want to change your routing?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Absolutely use listen to listen to the effects bus only. It’s amazing no other DAWs have replicated the control room.

It’s amazing no other DAWs have replicated the control room.

Harrison Mixbus has it.

Mixbus has some other features Nuendo could learn from.
A proper gain reduction meter in the channel strip for example.
Ripple edit is another one.
A channel EQ with great character (not that Nuendo’s EQ is bad…on the contrary: it sounds great, though: it’s clean)

Sorry for hacking the original thread.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Why not use the control room for this? One of the shining things Nuendo offers. Add your bus or busses to Monitor Source and there you go, just like a professional studio without the expensive hardware.

First, thank you all for the community on this inquiry. That is so valuable. Nick, you included. I learned something from your post.

Anyway, sure, I’ll try the control room way. Still getting familiar with CR. I used it in Monitor mode to monitor Editor clips, but it doubles the output to the mains. Still learning.

Set “stereo out” to “not connected” in vst connections if using ontrol room to avoid this.