Soloing in Mixer Bug?

I solo’ed some instruments in the mixer. I realized I had added one more instrument than I wanted and when I turned off the solo button for that instrument, the other solo’ed instruments stopped playing, but the solo buttons were still highlighted. Soloing the extra instrument again resulted in all playing again.

Yes, sorry, the mixer is still a bit under construction - to say the least - and there are some issues there that we need to address. Please be a bit patient, we are working on it. Thanks for your understanding.


I have the latest upgrade and I am also not having any success with the solo feature in the MIXING window.

Is there any news as to when this will possibly be fixed.

Thanks so much. It will be such a useful tool when it is working!

We did fix some bugs in 1.0.30, but if you have a score created in an earlier version then it’s possible that the mute/solo starts is inconsistent. You can fix this just by pressing the mute and solo clear buttons at the top of the mixer. It should then work as expected.

OK, great - let me indeed try this! Thank you!