Soloing tracks after writing mute-automation.

I’m working on a project where I’ve recorded some mute-automation one a few tracks.
Now, when I solo any track in the mixer, one of the tracks that has mute-automation on it, won’t mute!
The Solo-button lights up, and I cant un-solo it / mute it. Like I said I have multiple tracks with mute-automation
recorded on to them, and this problem only happens with one of the tracks…
What am I doing wrong?

Does this happen on an audio track, midi track, instrument track? What is the mute state when you solo, on or off? Are all channels at the same moment in that same mute state?

I was thinking in the line of having an automated VCA fader or group channel linked to your channel that contains the original mute automation, you can copy the automation to the group/ VCA track so that the original channel is not affected by the automation state when muting/ soloing… not sure of that would work though…

This is what is happening: If you activate “write automation” and mute during play back, cubase will generate a new hidden automation track. Reading automation next time will take both tracks into account. One must delete the hidden tracks to make the annoying magic disappear.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve missed your posts…

Vinnie, for me this concerns mainly audio tracks, as that’s where I use mute automation.
It seems that Read Automation can’t be overrun by manual muting. If I turn of Read on the channel,
it’s possible to unmute everything…

Stone, is this the automation track itself you’re referring to?
There’s an option to reveal the automation track on write.

For me I’ve only seen one automation track show up per parameter…