Soloing Tracks Exclusively with a Single MIDI Knob in Cubase

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to do A/B testing within Cubase and have been gettin some trouble acheiving that. My goalis to easily and exclusively solo tracks for quick comparison during mixing. Here’s a brief overview of my attempts and where I am still struggling:

  1. Initially, I mapped the solo function of two tracks to separate knobs on my MIDI controller through the MIDI Remote Editor—knob 1 for track 1’s solo and knob 2 for track 2’s solo. This setup allows me to solo each track, it doesn’t unsolo the other track automatically, But it prevents a smooth A/B test where only one track is soloed at a time as I have to click both knobs simutliounsly.

  2. Considering an alternative, I thought about mapping both solo functions (solo1 and solo2) to a single knob, hoping to toggle between them. However, I realized that this might not be feasible due to each parameter likely requiring a unique MIDI channel/number identifier, and thus it might not support this kind of toggling between two functions.

Any Idea how I might acheive this ?



You can make a Macro.

  • Project Logical Editor preset: Unsolo all tracks.
  • Solo Selected track

Or, if you can do JavaScript, you can write MIDI Remote function to do this on one button.

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