Solution For Large Expression Maps Found

If you are a VSL user, it is frustrating that Cubase can not display all your articulations.

I now have a monitor with VESA mounts on a nice solid stand and I can rotate it into portrait mode. This gives it enough height so that Cubase does not make the labels invisible. It has been frustrating for me to not see the large maps I made. I have asked Steinberg to come up with a solution for years such as add a simple scroll bar. They just don’t seem to care. Maybe because Halion is so lame that it does not have many articulations like VSL does.

The stand I bought is heavy and has no rubber on the feet so it is wise to glue felt to it which you can buy at Walmart for a couple dollars or you will risk scratching your desk. It is satisfying to feel it smoothly glide when you pull or push it.

Interesting. I was wondering if one had a 4K monitor would that help to see the articulation list?

In my brief Google search it said everything is smaller with 4K so I would assume yes it would help. Mine is a 24 inch monitor. That is big enough for me and it’s very easy to swivel it. I would think you want a huge monitor with 4K.