Solution for some problems with choral scores

Hi folks,

at first, I’d like to thank you guys at Steinberg for the crazy work you are doing. I switched to Dorico some months ago. Even if the software still had some features missing, that I really like to have, I decided to go for it. The progress the program makes is incredibly fast and with every update, there are some major “issues” (at least for me) fixed. I am really confident, that all the things on my personal wishlist are implemented in the near future. Even my priority for the new features seems to match with yours. Great job!!!

However, I have some things that I may need help with:

I am using Dorico mainly for a capella choral music. I am conducting two amateur choirs and use Dorico to prepare the music sheets for my singers (SATB and TTBB). To create a sheet with only one needed voice for the singers, I input the notes into 4 staffs with each 1 voice only. That worked well for the singers. To create a score for myself (optimum: two voices per staff), i’d like to use the condensing feature but got some trouble here. Here are some issues I need help with.

When condensing two players to one staff, the lyrics of both voices overlap. Often, the text is the same on both voices. Is it possible to hide the text of one voice for the given layout without deleting it? Deleting will mean that the layout for the singers will also have no text. My workaround is based on copy and paste and is not an optimal solution when changing a lot of things afterwards.

In the music frames, that are placed in the templates of the engraving mode, the staffs will be distributed nicely. The problem is, that the lyrics seems to be ignored while distributing the staffs. They usually fall outside the frame at the bottom. This is no problem if the lowest line is an instrument without any lyrics, but in my case, I always have to manually resize the music frames (depending on the number of verses). This is not related to the condensing feature but happens also in the uncondensed score. It seems, that the lyrics are not seen as “musical objects” that has to be aligned in this case.

Some songs begin with a repeated section( ||: … :neutral_face:| ), where the first line of lyrics must be numbered with the verse number and the second line is the repeated section and also part of the same verse. I use two lines of lyrics to enter the needed text. As far as I know, I could manually set the option to show the verse number only on the needed lines. But I am not able to change the number itself (i.e. set the number of the third line to verse 2). Am I right? I know that there may not be many people out there that are missing this possibility, but it would be great to have such an option.

I have to say, that I found solutions for all the issues above. But I do a lot of scores in Dorico and solutions to those problems would surely save a lot of time. Maybe someone could help me with that.

Sorry for the long text and for my bad english. I rarely use it.

Greetings from Germany


  1. Dorico still has some limitations when it comes to the condensing of choral music, and we need to spend some more time to improve its intelligence when it comes to figuring out how lyrics should be condensed. This is on our backlog with a relatively high priority, and it would also certainly be useful for me personally!

  2. I often find myself increasing the bottom music frame margin if I have lots of lines of lyrics: see the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

  3. You’re right that you cannot change the verse number for a given line of lyrics, but if you can arrange things such that there are no other lyrics in (say) line 2 on a given system, line 3 will appear where line 2 would appear: Dorico will only leave a vertical gap for line 2 if any lyric in line 2 appear on that system (if you get my meaning).