[solution] Rename Events from List - Column display csv?

On a PC, trying to get ‘Rename Events from List’ working as advertised. I’ve read the explanation in the manual, and watched the video demos of this feature which clearly show column data, so what am i missing here?

When I open a csv file - created using Excel - separate column info is not displaying when opened using the ‘Rename Events from List’ feature.

I’ve tried every csv file save variation available in Excel, comma delimited, DOS, Mac, and then using ‘Rename Events from List’ tried opening each with UTF-8, Windows 1252, Mac Roman, Mac Central, Shifted JIS. Doesn’t matter which option is chosen, no separate columns appear.

Excel reopens the very same saved csv files without issue and shows separate column info as intended.

Any ideas on this?

In case anyone else hits this issue (most likely in the UK) the problem stems from regional variation in delimiting configurations, they need to be changed globally for Excel (and possibly other spreadsheet apps) to successfully save a .csv that will open correctly using ‘rename events from list’.

To change on a Mac it requires altering the computer’s regional number separator settings:

  1. System preferences
  2. Language and region
  3. Advanced
  4. Change ‘number separators’ with ‘grouping’ changed from comma to period, and ‘decimal’ from period to comma.

On a PC the following steps can be taken to change the delimiting set-up: https://ashwaniashwin.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/save-excel-file-as-a-csv-semicolon-delimited-file-along-with-unicode-encoding/