[Solved] 5.1 can't hear discrete LFE signal on KH810G

Hey guys,
my 5.1 system is built from 5x Neumann KH120A and 1x Neumann KH810G. I’m using a RME Fireface UFX+ and Nuendo 11.

My problem is, that I can’t hear / trigger the discrete LFE signal on my system.
The routing from Nuendo via Total Mix to the KH810G should be fine. I have set up a 5.1 Output and 6 mono busses feeding L R C Ls Rs and LFE.
All signals are shown (routed) correctly on the Nuendo 5.1 output and in Total Mix.

I’m able to monitor the discrete channels L C R Ls and Rs correctly but LFE fails. Already searched for a bad / broken cable but that’s no the case.

Tried all possible settings on the KH810G, but no success. Maybe the Direct In / LFE input in my unit is broken? Because I have no other explanation to this issue…

Is someone using the same or a similar Neumann system and has some advice or solution for me?

Thanks a lot in advance

Please for two possibly dumb questions, but; You tried to swap outputs so that you feed the LFE input on the sub with the Center out for example? Just to make sure it isn’t the UFX+ that’s broken… and you’ve also made sure you’re sending a signal low enough for the sub to reproduce in the LFE?

Just throwing that out there though I’m guessing you probably tried that. I don’t know the sub so I have nothing else to offer. Looks like a great sub though and it’s giving me gas… maybe if I win big on poker on Friday…

Hi @MattiasNYC ,
thanks for you reply!
Yes I tried several routings in Total Mix to feed the LFE and also hardware wise directly from the UFX+ outputs to the KH810G inputs. I also testet the UFX+ LFE output on a spare studio monitor, worked fine, so the LFE signal is there.

Yes I used a 60Hz sinewave.


Unfortunately it seems that the LFE input on my device is broken - however this has happened… Will check with Neumann / Sennheiser support and repair service


Only other thing I can think of is if your LFE signal is too soft and you set the sub to filter out everything above 80Hz and your signal just falls within the low-pass slope. I’d think the filter would be more steep than that but… I’m talking about the LFE mode btw. I think there’s the Direct In - Sub only mode which reproduces the entire signal and at least a 40Hz signal should go through unaffected, but I’m guessing you tried that already too.

Either way I hope you get it sorted.

Hi @MattiasNYC ,

thx for your thoughts, but yes I tried this too.
Used the TestGenerator and increased / decreased frequncy.