[SOLVED] 6.03 Breakage: NO OUPUT when program not in front

Through version 5.5x, I could have Nuendo play even while some other program’s window was in front of it… so I could roll video and dialog while looking through a music library, or use SoundMiner’s searching by just clicking the SM window (and having a monitor path through a Nuendo channel set to Input Monitor).

Now the audio goes away, and the transport stops, when you select some other app. This is a bug, removing useful functionality from a previous version. It couldn’t possibly be a feature.

N 6.0.3, Mac 10.7.5, MOTU PCI 2408/III.

Are you sure that it’s not user error? Check that you haven’t got “Release driver when Application is in Background” checked in the Devices/VST Audio System menu.


DG, you have saved my bacon. Yes, user error. I’ll update the subject line. Thanks.

No problem. I’ve seen this from so many users, that it is my “go to” response. :wink: