(SOLVED) 8.5 installation files

I finally decided to be patient and download the HUGE Cubase 8.5 installation files. In the “Additional Content” folder there is 11.8 GB "VST Sound folder, which is much bigger than the entire Cubase installation on my PC. The VST Sound folder in my Cubase 8 installation is only 168 MB. I’m missing something… I admit to not using much in the way of Steinberg plugs but something seems wrong. Help! :mrgreen:

Not sure what you’re asking.
Have you run the huge installer already or are you comparing what’s in it to your existing installation?

The sample content is installed in the Users(user)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg folder.

Thanks Romantique Tp, I thought it must be somewhere like that! I’m getting back into Cubase after a long break, I’m clearing out the cobwebs. :stuck_out_tongue: