[SOLVED] A Tempo + MM

If I want to indicate both an A Tempo and a metronome mark over the same place in the score - maybe because it’s been (too) many bars since the original tempo was set - how do I combine both in one mark, please?

I can set either the tempo (as in q = 132) or the ‘A Tempo’ with SHIFT + T.

But not both.

So how do I attach the indication to the same note? Is there a preferred way?


I do it by inserting the metronome mark at a rhythmic location slightly later than the “a tempo”. I think that’s the best way for now, but I’d welcome better options, whether possible already or in future updates.

Create the q=132.

Then it properties panel for the tempo mark, add the text A Tempo in the field, then just to the right, click the show text box.


Perfect! Of course, the Properties Panel. Thanks, Robby :slight_smile: