[SOLVED] Aligning a part of a Tuplet with Quarter Note

Dear Dorico Friends, how do I achieve a beginning of Rachmaninoff Romance in Dorico? I couldn’t find a setting in Engraving Options to align a tuplet eith note with quarter note… Here is example I did in the past with Sibelius. Next example - what I get in Dorico. How can a fake it?
Thank you in advance

You’ll need to use tuplets in the down-stem voice in order to get the “quarter notes” (whatever duration they really are when the music is heard!) to line up with the tuplets. Put a 3:2e tuplet on the second quarter beat of the bar, and a 6:4e tuplet on the third beat. You’ll then be able to put the quarter notes in the right places and hide the tuplet brackets/numbers and rests.

Dear Danijel, thank you so much for your quick response. It does the trick. Your answer inspired me to find another solution: I created a tuplet of half notes and wrote them as quarter notes😊

And if you wanted to make it a 3:4 triplet (illogical, I know), you wouldn’t need the rests.

I had to do this with Scriabin recently. All hidden tuplets, sometimes something like 3:4.

Of course😊 I posted it BEFORE I deleted them just to show a structure