[Solved] Are "Project Synch. Setup" Settings Saved Properly?

I cannot get Project Synchronization Setup choices to save with the project, but am unsure if it’s because I’m experiencing the crash-on-close issue, or if it’s a bug for everyone (sad commentary).

Can someone with a working install of Cubase 8.0.10, that doesn’t crash on exit, see if a few Project Synchronization Setup choices get saved after a close of Cubase and relaunch of the project?

In particular, please check at least one checkbox in the MIDI Clock Destination area, and also check “Always Send Start Message” and “Send MIDI Clock in Start Mode.”

Do they stay checked when Cubase (and the project) is reloaded?

Having to remember to set these manually each time is getting old, fast.

Thanks, all!

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I think I’ve confirmed it. I reverted to an image of Cubase that doesn’t crash-on-close and Project Synchronization Setup settings are saving correctly.

Project Synch. Setup appears to be yet another casualty to crash-on-close. I think this also supports arguments that other prefs also get corrupted during a COC.

This is really bad behavior. An application’s data save should happen when the relevant parameters change, not at some future event.

So the answer to my question is, “Yes, Project Synchronization Setup settings are saved if Cubase closes without crashing.”

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Yeah same here! After any crash or even a boot I always have to reconfigure this! Too bad