I can’t record Audio in my Cubase 7.5. Nothing simply registers when I go to record. I’m using a Snowball Blue USB microphone via a USB cable.

When I load up Cubase, I get the message as in the attachment picture. I’m not sure how to load up the ASIO DIRECTX FULL DUPLEX SETUP DIALOG to fix it.

Can anyone help me out with it at all? Thanks in advance.

You may need to have the ASIO4ALL driver installed to use this:


That’s worked mate. Nice one, Thanks a lot.

No problem. Have fun!

To answer your next post. :smiley: You might just need to buy a soundcard. Cubase 7.5 a present was it?
I don’t think I’ve noticed the full Duplex setup for a while as it was intended for computers of the last century and as time has moved on it’s been dropped. IF you really need it you might find it at Steinberg Downloads / FTP site which has all the old doorstop drivers.

General support for USB microphones is also pretty thin.

i have instaled softaware ASIO4ALL 2.14 - English but my computer always cant to input a voice…
help me please…