[SOLVED] Atom feed fatal error on line 1, Premature end of document

While trying to figure out my Key Command issues reported here, I noticed this error message during launch, it hangs for about 3 seconds.

System Information:

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Hardware: Ryzen 9 7950X, X670E Taichi motherboard, 128GB RAM
Installed Software: Cubase 12, Finale 27.3, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, and sample libraries

That suggests there’s some problem getting the RSS feed that’s used for the “Learn” page of the Hub, e.g. maybe your PC isn’t online or the firewall is preventing access. It shouldn’t make any difference to anything else in Dorico though.

Thank you, Richard. That’s it, my DAW is offline. I was worried if this was the source of my issues, or potential issues, since I don’t get this error with Dorico 4. Any way to skip the Hub/online components check during startup?

I’m afraid not. It shouldn’t actually be holding anything up, though - the fact that you see that message for a few seconds is I think because the next step is taking time to complete, rather than because the internet access is taking a long time.

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