{Solved}audio align issue on 96khz samplerate

Hello (no issue section in nuendo 10 forum :unamused: ?)
all my projects are in 96khz, and i never got the audio align tool to work correctly,even on relatively tight 2 audio phrasing .
just saw the other day in cubase forum a user complain about 96 khz audio align not working properly vs 44.1 khz audio.
i converted some 96 audio to 44 to test it ,and audio align really align it better on 44 khz .on 96 khz it does not align, or make it even worse :confused:
so please steinberg be aware of this problem if not already
(in general i work with vocalign with protools or S1 with ara2 .and the results are very good.right now its a pita to work vocalign with cubendo until ARA2 comes. so in general i think audio align in cubendo also needs some better developed algorithm for alignment)

is it a known issue ? there will be a fix for this ?

ho well. fixed in nuendo 10.1 and cubase 10.30 cheers

It is good news… Steinberg wins. :slight_smile:

(BTW - You need to add ‘solved’ to the subject of your original post. :wink: )

well i have bugs too… :stuck_out_tongue: i did post solved but it didn’t show up in the first try.
thanks for noticing :bulb: