[solved] Audio export hangs and then audio engine crashes


I’m encountering issues when exporting audio to both wav and mp3.

I’m working on a project with nine flows and I want to export either all or a selection of flows to separate audio files.

The export process begins, but will hang after it has exported one or two of the flows.
E.g. if I want to export 4x flows, it usually hangs at 25%: the first flow has exported fine, there’s a file created for the second flow, but it is empty and the export process hangs. For all 9x flows the process gets to 22% i.e. it has exported flows 1&2 and stopped at 3.

When I cancel the process the audio engine crashes (red exclamation mark in bottom RHS of the app).

I ran a couple of tests and the issue does not arise if I leave “Export each flow as a separate file” unchecked, regardless of whether I include all flows or a limited number of flows in that single exported file.

I am using:

Windows 10
Dorico 3.5
Noteperformer 3.3.1
The Grand 3
Steinberg UR22 mk2 with latest firmware

I’ve created an error report - should I post it here?

Yes, please post the diagnostics report. That will help me most for the beginning.

Hi Ulf.

The file is apparently too large - can I mail it?

Sure, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Updating from The Grand 3.1 to 3.2 solved all export issues in Dorico 3.5

I had the same “hanging” Problem yesterday. Flow 1 saved audio fast. But flow 2 and 3 were sloooow, and the saved wav-files were empty. Restart solved it.

Sorry, wrong files