[SOLVED] Audio input mono output stereo only on one channel

I input an mp3 file in mono, the output is stereo only on one channel.
How do you get the output back to mono, or get the output on both channels?

Hi dansero,

Thanks for your message.

Normally, there should be no issues to playback mono files on both channels in Cubasis.

You can check this yourself by loading the “110 MonoDrumsDisco” loops from within Media/Audio/Drum loops.
These are mono files, which are played back on both channels once imported to Cubasis.

Did you double check, that the file is correct (mono)?
If so, please upload the file, and share the download link with me via private message.


Thanks for the reply.
It was the audio file that was not good, I tried another file and all was good.

Thanks for the update, dansero.
Glad to hear, the issue is solved.