[SOLVED] Audio recording -problem (Samsung Galaxy S10)

Thank you for the application. I have really high expectations, but first I have to get over these problems.

I downloaded Cubasis 3.1 for android this morning with my Galaxy S10 phone which has Android 10 -system. I was able to listen to the demo song. I created new project and added audio track. I enabled recording, started recording and heard the metronome click. Stopped recording but no sound was recorded.

I have tried to fix problem by
a) increasing the gain in Audio setup
b) increasing the buffer and
c) putting the Studio Quality on and
d) closing all other programs
e) restarting the phone.

but these didn’t help. I was able to record audio once, but the voice was very weak. I’m not able to repeat the recording successfully.

Samsung’s own recording-application works fine in the phone. I’m using Samsung’s own microphone.

What should I do to make audio recording in Cubasis work?

  • Jarkko

I restarted the phone and connected the electricity cable. Now audio recording seems to work at least for the time being.

  • Jarkko

Hi Jarkko,

Thank you for your feedback, great to know!


It seems that I have to plug in electricity cable before launching the Cubasis, but I have to keep testing.

  • Jarkko

Hi Jarko,
is it still working? It seems that I have the same problem with my Samsung galaxy note 10 +. Unfortunately, I’m also not able to record with the internal mic :weary: