SOLVED: Autopan efx does not work on mono track signal

Hello, I need help to know why Autopan efx does not work on mono track signal.
I record my mono synth arpeggio from hardware and want to apply Autopan efx in insert. The result is not a left-right signal bua a volume changing that does not change to LR out. No problem with stereo recorded tracks.
Any advice? is it a bug?

No it is not a bug, it is physics. A mono track obviously has one channel, so there is no left or right within the channel.

You are right, this is physics, anyway I’ve find the solution offered by Cubase and I share with you.

The track I have created was a mono input and mono output, this is the reason Autopan does not force the “physics”.
The solution that allows the Autopan to work fine is to create and record in a track that is MONO input and STEREO output.
In the case of my post I solve my needs by creating a new mono input and STEREO OUT track and moving my mono audio part to the new created track. Autopan works now.

In Logic Pro X there is a way to choose a mono to stereo plugin that works fine on every mono track, in this case the autopan is handled by choosing a Tremolo, in this way a mono track goes on left and right without problem.

Different approach, same results.