[SOLVED] Backing up Cubasis projects to Mac

I want to back up all my Cubasis projects to my Macbook Pro. Will this happen during ‘Sync’ or do I need to go through a special procedure to back everything put to my laptop?

Hi Simon,

a simple and easy way is to connect your iPad with iTunes.

In iTunes:

  • Click the “iPad” button from the top menu
  • Choose “Apps” in the following window
  • In “Apps” view scroll down to “File Sharing” and select “Cubasis”
  • Afterwards all Cubasis related documents will appear to the right
  • Drag & drop the “Projects” folder to the desktop to create a backup of all your projects
  • To create a backup of all files all it takes is to drag & drop all of the folders…

To transfer files from the computer back to Cubasis simply drag the desired files to the “Cubasis Documents” folder in iTunes.

Give it a try, hope it helps…



Thanks Lars, I’ll do that!